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20th March 2019 6 pm UTC

In attendance:
Hervé Boinnard, George Wilson, Leo Lammerink, Yves Hoppe, Sandra Decoux, Harald Leithner, Phil Walton

Unable to make it:
Marc Widmann

Discussion outline

With Joomla 4 on the horizon and a new Production lead in place its a good time to check what we are doing and see what can be improved.

Items outlined to discuss

  1. Routine. We need a more rigid meeting regime. 
  2. Knowing if there are problem patches. 
  3. Ideas from the team to improve what we do.
  4. List of members of the team
  5. Recruitment ideas
  6. Election of a team leader.


Point 1 

All those attending the meeting discussed the way we would like to


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