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  • Sandra Decoux - Marketing & Communication Department Coordinator
  • Noreen Cesareo - Marketing Team Lead
  • Hervé Boinnard - Assistant Team Lead



  • DC will draft the points for the “End of the year” article, that will be written by our editor.
  • Ideas on Christmas videos, Happy holidays:
Joomla day (bells) Joomla day (bells) Joomla everywhere!

Case Studies

  • We receive a very good draft from Luca from JoomlaDay Italy. We have now three Case Studies.
  • We suggest to get another one from Europe, non English speaking country, and one from America. DC will enquire in the Marketing Liaisons channel, and to American Joomlers.
  • DC and Marketing Lead had a meeting to work on a case study about a car rental website.

Joomla 4

  • DC will provide a list of open roles for J4 marketing

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