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  • Sandra Decoux - Department Coordinator
  • Alison Meeks - Social Media Team Lead
  • Hans Van Der Meer - Social Media Team Lead Assistant
  • Mike Brandner - Community Translation Team Lead
  • Noreen Cesareo - Marketing Team Lead
  • HervĂ© Boinnard - Marketing Team Lead Assistant

Department Coordinator

  • 3.9 Marketing Campaign:
Post-release campaign on Social Media still running Positive results of the Google Ads campaign (still running). DC would like to thank KLIKEN for their precious help and advice with setting up the campaign The sessions of the landing in English have increased of approx 45% compared to 3.8 LP (partly thanks to the ads campaign) - To do even better, next Release Ads campaign will be translated into several languages Press Release has been translated by the Marketing Liaisons in 5 languages ( ...

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