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Joomla Security Team Sprint, Cologne, May 2018

Date: 14th - 16th May 2018

Location: Cologne (after JAB)


David Jardin (TL), Tobias Zulauf (ATL), Benjamin Trenkle, Demis Palma, George Wilson, Harald Leithner, Junanto van der Veen, Yves Hoppe


The team had it’s very first in-person codesprint in Cologne, following the international J&Beyond conference. Besides some implicit team building that just naturally happened while spending time together, we also tackled 3 areas very specifically:

  1. Prepared statements for Joomla 4.0

  2. Content-Security-Policy enabled by default on Joomla 4.0

  3. Work on recently reported issues and previously known but complex to fix bugs

More Informations have been posted in the ...

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