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In Attendance:

Djamel Kherbi
Jenn Gress

Brian Ronnow

No Shows:
Noemi Sanchez del Rio
Eric Lamy

1. Jenn has resigned from the JUG Team and as TM Liaison on 4th January 2018. Last day 31 January 2018. Djamel to let the team know and divide up tasks.

2. Laura has reviewed Denmark as a contributor and Djamel will work with the Team to follow up with tickets as needed.

3. Jenn to reply to Giacomo about Catania.

4. Directory review/TM Audit: Jenn working on reviewing all the listings with joomla in their domains as part of a TM Team audit and JUG listing review. She'll be through everything except Europe by the end of the week. Jenn to train Djamel on 12th January so he can take over as TM Liaison.

5. Jenn to add intro paragraph into the main JUG Portal page on docs. Will be done by end of the week.

6. Discussed what


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