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  • Michael Babker - Department Coordinator
  • Allon Moritz - Media Manager Team Lead
  • David Jardin - Security Team Lead
  • Dimitris Grammatiko - JavaScript Working Group Lead
  • George Wilson - Framework Working Group Lead
  • Jonathan Magoga - User Experience Team Lead
  • Niels Braczek - Bug Squad Lead
  • Puneet Kala - GSoC Team Lead
  • Roland Dalmulder - CMS Maintenance Team Lead
  • Sandra Thevenet - Documentation Working Group Lead

Department Coordinator

Planning is under way for the team’s meeting at the Joomla World Conference, we will conduct an in-person meeting on the day before the event.  The 3.8 beta release was published as the meeting ended, the planned release timeline calls for the release candidate to be pushed on September 5 and the stable release on September 19.  Finally, the team leads had a discussion regarding the minimum supported


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