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As part of the process to develop and update the new JED, Instant search and autocompletion is available now on the site. Instant search is the gold standard for the web search. There is magic in the feeling of type and get the results immediately. It has been a feature that we always wanted for our directory, and now it is available now.

To implement Instant search, we have partnered with Algolia as our search partner.

Algolia is the single best way to build search into your mobile app or website.
Founded in 2012, Algolia’s mission is to enable every developer & product team to build consumer-grade search. With their hosted search API, developers benefit from the power of a lightning-fast engine with out-of-the-box support for a typo-tolerant, as-you-type search experience.

Right now, the Instant search is enabled on the Live site. Now, we are focusing our efforts to revamp the general search engine, and continue our efforts to develop the new JED 4.

Feel free to give us your feedback, here. To know more about how it is configured, please, visit this Wiki page: JED Search use cases and definitions.

If you are as excited as we are with the new developments of JED 4, please, join the team here:



Aníbal Sánchez

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