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After a hot summer and a few days of holidays, the JED newsletter is back. In this relaunch of the bulletin, we plan to share news about Joomla! and the community, following a new format to share updates on best practices, features, articles, tips, and tools for consultants, upcoming events, webinar topics and interesting people, and partner highlights, resources we believe in and want you to know more about too.

After a break of a few months we are relaunching our newsletter. You can sign up here.

During the summer months, we have been redesigning both the look and the distribution method of the information we send out to make it easier to use and more reliable. You’ll notice that news will be more regular, more thought-provoking and as useful as ever.

There is a list of topics waiting to be discussed, and it would also help if you could suggest ideas or workplace subjects you’d like to see covered. Please, contact the team responsible of the new newsletter edition here

Enjoy! And celebrate with us!


Aníbal Sánchez

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