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Promotion Countdown extension will help you showing promotions together with a countdown at your website.

Multiple Themes

You can show promotions with countdown at different parts of your site.

Side Bar Theme

You can show at bottom sidebars

Side Bar - Left or Right Theme

You can choose the left or the right of the side bar.

Side Bar - Mini or Medium Sized Theme

When you show at side bar bottom, you can choose 2 different size for the promotional countdown.

Bottom Bar Theme

You can show promotional banner at bottom as a full banner

Box Theme

You can use the box theme to show promotions inside module positions and content

Show / Hide at mobile devices

You can show or hide the extension at mobile devices

Show after

You can show the module after a pre-defined time after page load. If user clicks to close the box, there is another button at the bottom to show it again.

Timezone Option

You can choose timezone for the promotions end time

Color Settings

You can change all colors via module backend

Text Settings

You can change all text via module backend

Auto day or hours show

Extension shows day or only hours automatically

Custom CSS

You can add your custom CSS via module backend

Custom JS

You can add your custom javascript code via module parameters

Auto Unpublish

If the promotion time is over module does not show automatically or you can show a message optionally.

Mobile devices tested

Joomla Promotion Countdown module is 100% Mobile Friendly and tested on several devices

Back-end Screenshot

Extension is very easy to customize and manage. You can check the back-end screenshots.
Click here to view the extension back-end screenshots


Please do not hesitate to share your opinion with us! We will be very glad to add new features and improve the Joomla Promotion Countdown!

Note About External Libraries : We used Flipbook.js plugin to create the flipbook.

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