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The Super Link Preview system plugin it's automatically creates link preview like social media platforms (like facebook) when you are posting a link.

It fetchs the title/image/descirption and display it nicely in your website.

How it works

The Plugin fetches the URL provided and extracts from HEAD of the HTML page the following META-TAGS: Title, Description & Image
Title & Description are standard HTML meta-tags fields. The image is fetched from tags for social media (og:image, twitter:image).
If image tag does not exists then it requests a webpage screenshot through API of, most of the website has meta-tags for social media platforms. If your site does not have, consider adding og tags.

There 2 modes of usage:

Tooltip Preview (like Pop-UP) using AJAX on link hover. It can work on specific links just using the class "superlink" or using wrapper css classes
With tag {superlink}https://my-url{/superlink}

** Some features**

Template for Tag (you can create your own templates or override the defaults)
Template for PopUP (tooltip) (you can create your own templates or override the defaults)
Paramaters override in the tag {}
Tag rename, you can use any tag name you wish
Image / Title / Description display
Image width parameter
Screenshot of URL using service of
Failback image (screenshot or default image)
Binary Image display to prevent http (unsescure) to break your site
Rel Follow (Nofollow/Follow)
Target set (New window, or same)
Caching requests for speed optimizing

Some cases of usage:

Image preview (if you have links targeting to images)
Internal Page previews
Previews for outgoing links
Bloging source reference
Author website preview
Genericl Links preview
Showcase / Portfolio preview links

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