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JS Social Stream can mix all of your social networks feeds into one single network stream or create one feed for multiple social network profiles. Create any combinations of social feeds! for example, you'll be able to have a Facebook feed, Instagram feed and Twitter feed mixed within the same stream.

  • GDPR compliant. This plugin doesn’t store any information about your web site guests. *

Smart caching with a background server task allows delivering content blazingly quick without slow page loading. The plugin is responsive and works well on mobile devices. It’s nice to use this plugin for streaming your content.

Supported social feed types
JS Social Stream supports 10 popular social networks + RSS. There are 40+ completely different feed types in total. This can be huge! Imagine you can use the only one plugin rather than all those completely different mono network feed plugins. And you get a fantastic unified style of all those different types of content including text posts, image or videos. Your social media wall can look superb with no exceptions!

Main usages
- To broadcast all of your social network news, photos, videos and updates from multiple social network accounts as one stream to your guests.
- To create one social stream for multiple social network accounts with multiple profiles.
- To create a multi-network photo or video gallery on your web site.
- To create a news stream from multiple RSS feeds on your web site.
- To broadcast all social network news associated with a particular search term or hashtag from multiple social media channels on your web site.

Additional Features
- 3 totally different display modes: Wall, Timeline, Carousel Feed.
- Supports twelve and growing social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, RSS, Linkedin, Flickr, VK, SoundCloud.
- Fully responsive which allows you to be used in mobile-friendly websites.
- More than forty feed choices (Facebook page public photos, Twitter user latest Tweets, etc.).
- Images lazy load feature.
- Filtering the stream items using a search phrase.
- Ability to order the filter network icons.
- Caching of social feeds with defining of cache time to reduce up transfer time.
- 5 integral templates.
- Theme manager.
- Custom layout & CSS stylesheets.
- Customization of stream body background color, border color, border size, background image & font color for all display modes.
- Customization of stream item background color, border color & border size for all display modes.
- Select the font size for the stream.
- Display your social stream module in several positions on your web site.
- Displaying a number of likes & comments.
- Displaying the post type icons.
- Allowing to set the feed block width/height.
- Option to define, a way to show the image for every item (Boxed or Expanded).
- Option to allow loading pictures over https.
- Processing multiple IDs per network.
- Processing multiple feeds per network.
- Adding unlimited social streams on your web site.
- Ability to add multiple social streams in a page on your web site.

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