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Get One Media Folder per User.

Ideal to keep Media Folders more streamlined, especially on multi-author websites.

By default, Joomla! allows users to see all files in the media folder. This may not be a big deal, however, if you manage a website with multiple authors, then you may want to keep their media separated, private and well organized.

KL My Media is a plugin that enhances the Joomla! core media manager by restricting users to a specific folder, keeping their media separated.

Each user will be able to have their own media folder. Their access will be restricted to this specific folder, allowing them to access files and folders only in this folder and folders within it. However, Super Users will always be able to see all media folders.

KL My Media plugin gets special importance when managing websites with multiple authors, where many authors are publishing and regularly adding files to the media folders, and you want to keep their media well organized or you simply do not want them to be able to use other authors media files to their own content.

Keep your users' media files well organized.

Keep User Media Separate

Using a media folder on a per-user basis will help you to keep your users' media files well organized and private.

Restricted User Access

Users will only be able to manage their own media files and won't be able to use other users media files to their own content.

Media Folder Naming

Each user will have a unique and private media folder, based on its user ID, name or username. The choice is yours.

Flexible Assignment

Assign to user groups or individual users, single or multiple. You have the freedom to choose what best suits your needs.

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