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This responsive content plugin for EasyBlog can show (at the top or bottom of the blog entry description), social sharing features from FACEBOOK (like, recommend , share, send , comment) (iframe or HTML5), LINKEDIN, TWITTER, PINTEREST, STUBLEUPON, REDDIT, TUMBLR , WHATSAPP, MIXI , QRCODE. It is multilingual. It includes all the required product or article related OpenGraph tags such as og:type, og:url, og:site_name , og:description, og:image etc... It includes the Selection Sharer feature ! It installs via the regular Joomla installer.

  • Various styling options: classic (grey), branded or inverted (black)
  • Various sizes: small medium large
  • Icon only or Icon + Text
  • Selection sharer for Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn and Email + Read it!
  • Selection read-it: have the text selection read out loud

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