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I wrote this extension over a year ago, but never released it because the server support wasn't there. Apache 2 and now NGINX both support HTTP/2 Push, so now it's time to put this technology to work for you.

For those not familiar with the standard, HTTP/2 introduced a concept known as "Push", where the server can send more than one document on a request. If your page has a stylesheet and/or javascript that is render blocking, the server can push those resources along with the requested many as you like (or as many as your server is configured to allow). This plugin allows you to let the server decide, or allows you to specify exactly what gets pushed on a visitors initial page load. If you're pushing 10 items, you've removed the need for your visitor to make 10 HTTP requests. While the savings is usually milliseconds, it's result is usually perceivable.

Where this plugin really shines is the tracking of pushed items. Without tracking, you risk pushing the same files to your visitors over-and-over again. Your 10k webpage gets slowed down by repeated pushes of 100k javascript and CSS files. Unlike the competing "Push" extensions, this extension keeps track of pushed items so they don't get pushed more than necessary.

- Scan document for push-able items automatically (script, css, image)
- Manually assign items to be pushed
- Pushed item/cache tracking prevents pushing the same resources more than once per session.
- HTTP Pre-connect for remote resources

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