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Reaction buttons at your joomla content and get reactions of your site visitors for each joomla core article.

Animated or Static Reaction Icons

There 2 different type of Icon sets in the plugin package. You can also upload and use your own reaction icons.

Number of Reactions per Content

Each reaction is saved to database and showed to the visitors.

Customized Header text

Your visitors can see if they have already reacted. If they reacted they can see hen they reacted and the reaction.

Easily Editable

You can edit the reaction text and messages easily via language files.

Component for Administrator

There is a component to view the number of reactions and details of reactions per reacted content.

Category Exclusion

You can exclude any content category. If a category is excluded, articles from that content wll not show the reaction buttons.

Article Exclusion

You can exclude any article. If an article is excluded, the reaction buttons will not show for this content

100% Responsive & Mobile Devices Tested

Plugin is 100% responsive and mobile devices tested.

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