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JUX Cryptocoins Converter is an amazing Joomla module whichprovides your visitors with a convenient on the spot currencyconversions powered by CoinCap Rankings. Being in details, theuser-friendly converter allows customers to convert anycryptocurrencies which are available at CoinCap Rankings from thedrop-down list to their needed cryptocurrency in seconds
There are lots of fascinating features you can explore from JUXCryptocoins Converter!

1. Fast and Accurate Conversion

Absolutely simple and fast! The crypto coins converter allowusers to convert their concerned cryptocurrency into the othercurrencies in just seconds. The converter also ensures the accuracyof the date which directly takes from the reliable page: CoinCapRankings, so you can put all your trust on the value we give outyou.

2. All Cryptocurrencies at CoinCap Rankings

These days, we witness the time of a big data, and JoomlaUX teamacknowledges of this trend, so we give you as many options aspossible. JUX Cryptocoins Converter directly gets data of allcryptocurrencies which are up-to-date daily from Coin Capranking.

3. Responsive and Retina Ready

Like other JoomlaUX products, JUX Cryptocoins Converter ishighly responsive and retina which is designed to be shown neatlyand clearly on any screen size. No matter how large or small yourscreen is, images will automatically adjust to fit it and beperfectly shown.

4. Simply controllable Backend

The Joomla Cryptocurrencies module deserves users a simplecontrollable backend which allows the user to easily set up, changeor do some complex customizations as well.

5. Easily Customize the Width & Colors

JUX Cryptocoins Converter gets flexibility in with and colorwhich you can immediately change with just a click.

6. Beautiful Widget Setting

Finding a convenient way to set up a beautiful crypto coinsconverter on the widget of your Joomla site.

All core features:
• Sidebar Widget
• All Highlight Features
• Get data coin from CoinCap Rankings
• Easy and accurate conversion
• Full Control set a width to field
• Update price auto from
• Use many Positions
• Change title module
• Change all color background module
• Can Custom CSS
• 100% Responsive or Fix width, height
• Compatible with Tablet, Smartphone
• Run on modern browsers (including IE10+)
• Support multiple languages
All things considered, JUX Cryptocoins Converter is an expectedJoomla module which follows the trend and becomes a good assistancein converting any types of cryptocurrencies in a fast and accurateway. And now, you should take a visit on this module learn that howgreat JUX Crypto coins Converter can be.

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