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Bible Verse Reftagger v2.0.0

Convert Bible references into links withhover-preview
Include references like 1 John 4:19 or Eph 2:8-9 on your site.Bible Verse Reftagger automatically tags them, creating tooltipsthat appear when a reader hovers over them.

Adding Bible Verse Reftagger to your Joomla! website is easy.You have two Joomla! extensions to choose from. The Module or thePlugin. The choice is yours based on how you want to manage theBible Verse Reftagger extension. Please read the Pros & Consbetween the Module or the Plugin install on Bible Verse Reftagger'sdemo page for a detailed description between the two packages.

Both versions have the same settings/option available to you soit will be just a matter of what format you wish to use. Since bothare 100% FREE to download and use, grab'em bothbecause you just never know!

Bible Verse Reftagger interacts with a script powered by FaithReftagger and all the settings/options this script has can be foundin either extension's settings. I understand this extensionsupports a very niche category but one not totally representedwithin Joomla's Extension Directory listings. ENJOY!

Change log:
Initial Joomla release: v2.0.0

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