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OAuth Client plugin for Joomla allows loginwith your Google, Facebook, twitter or other custom OAuth server.OAuth Client plugin works with any OAuth provider that conforms tothe OAuth 2.0 standard.

Features :-

  • Supports login with any 3rd party OAuth server or custom OAuthserver.
  • Optionally Auto Register Users- Automatic user registrationafter login if the user is not already registered with yoursite.
  • Attribute Mapping- Basic Attribute Mapping feature to mapJoomla user attributes like username, first name, last name andemail. Manage username & email with data provided.
  • Role Mapping- Assign roles to users registering through OAuthLogin based on rules you define (Premium Feature).
  • OAuth Provider Support- It Supports only one OAuth Provider(Enterprise Version : Supports Multiple OAuth Provider).
  • Redirect URL after Login- Automatically Redirect user aftersuccessful login. Note: Does not include custom redirect URL.
  • Many other features in paid versions of the plugin.

List of Popular OAuth providers wesupport:-

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Windows Account
  • Azure AD
  • Slack
  • HR Answerlink/Support Center
  • Discord

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