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The plug-in has a really simple design and helps users anddevelopers find out, in their code, whether the device that thewebsite is being visited on is a mobile device, such as a mobilephone or tablet PC, or not.

In addition, lots of other information, such as the operatingsystem, user agent or exact type of mobile device, can also bechecked and/or used.

Particularly in terms of "responsive web design", you will havesome real tricks up your sleeve with the "Mobile Detection" -Joomla! Plugin – keen users and developers will know what we meanand know how to use it. ;-)

There is already a function in Joomla! that allows you to dothis, but due to the complexity, Joomla! itself does not do thisreliably enough, which is, of course, more or less the nature ofthe beast as the number of different mobile devices and operatingsystems is growing rapidly.

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