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This plugin uses {ytnc} tags to identify videos to embed. It canbe optionally configured to detect links to YouTube videos, butthis is not as easy to use as the display configuration optionsmust be included in the URL. This plugin is also capable ofembedding using a process called Lazy Loading, where the videothumbnail and a play button is displayed, and when clicked - thevideo is loaded. This greatly reduces page load times, but requiresusers to click twice to play a video.


  • Embeds YouTube with NO COOKIES
  • Implements all 21 embed options available from YouTube
  • Global and individual embed parameters, parameters cascade
  • LazyLoading option
  • Automatic integration with RicheyWeb "System - Google Analytics(No Cookies)"
  • Override defaults for individual videos using the {ytnc}tag
  • Embeds using almost any valid YouTube video URL
  • Can optionally auto-embed YouTube links

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