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Beautiful locator for stores and places for free which connectsoffline places with their customers online!

NearPlace is the most user-friendly, and at the same time veryadvanced, locator of places and stores in the world. Apart from itsbasic function like a locator of stationary stores, it enablesfinding basic as well as detailed information about the place,finding places near the client and designating a route to them.NearPlace is extremely easy to manage globally for all places orfor each store individually - thanks to this you always have actualnews, opening hours, products, services and many, many more.
The NearPlace team regrets the quality of current locators that areugly and non-functional - we want you to connect your offlineplaces online completely for free! If you will see the benefits ofusing NearPlace you can switch to premium version to develop yourbusiness more.

NearPlace has created two types of locators that work on anydevice - they display well everywhere and look beautiful.

Widget Locator = Display on Every Page
NearPlace is not just an ordinary store locator displaying yourplaces on the map. The widget is displayed on every subpage of thedomain so that your clients have full access to informationwherever they are on the site!
Thanks to our widget application integrated with your stores, thecustomer can easily find the nearest store, see when the place isopen, view actual promotions, and even contact your servicedepartment. All these functionalities are closed in a very simpleand intuitive to use the widget application placed on yourwebsite.

On-page Locator = Display on One DedicatedPage
NearPlace provides not only locator in the form of a widget, butalso gives the possibility to combine all the functionality of thewidget application with a large map embedded on the site. On-pageis a standard store locator built into one of your subpages butincludes all the functionality of the widget along with itsresponsiveness on mobile devices.

NearPlace = Launcher + Place Listing + Profile Page +Add-Ons

Launcher - two types of locators that adapt to each screen anddevice.
Places Listing - a clear and fully functional list of your places,thanks to which your customers will easily find the nearest stores.In the widget, you have the option of switching between the listingof places and the map on which your stores are marked, while on theon-page locator the listing is integrated with the map with yourcurrent position and displayed places.
Place Page - containing all the important information that you canneed, in form of add-ons
that allow you to expand communication between your offline placesand your customers online.
Add-On's - the magic of Nearplace are Add-On's that allows you toexpand locator, places listing and places page functionalitiesdepending on your needs.

Here are examples of several functionalities that distinguishNearPlace from the competition:
- Completely free in the basic version!
- No coding required, quick and easy installation
- Multidevice - NearPlace adapts to each display
- Two forms of the locator: Widget and On-Page
- The application is available on many webstore platforms andcontent management systems
- The possibility to display the address, opening hours andinformation about current promotions for each of your stores
- Simple search for the nearest store of your company
- Navigating directions to your places integrated with GoogleMaps
- Division of contacts into store departments and full contactinformation with service

Make your own locator, such as you want andneed.
Discover endless possibilities with add-on's system:

  • Contacts
    Create simple and complex contacts and assign them to single ormultiple places along with
    all the informations you need, such as opening hours, phone number,e-mail and profile pic of contact person.

  • Departments for Contacts
    Your places have complex contact informations? You need to dividecontacts to specific places into sections consisting severalemployees? Piece of cake. With Departments for Contacts add-on itis one click regardless of the advancement level of contactsstructures.

  • Place Types
    You have places that differ in type i.e. affiliate stores andofficial stores?
    With Place Types add-on you can easily mark stores with their typeand include information
    about differences between these types.

  • News & Promotion
    We all know that a lot of companies opt out of placing news andpromotions available in their offline stores on their websites. Wespent a lot of time to prepare News and Promotion module in whichadding and managing news will not be a problem, whether you have100 or 1000 places to manage.

  • Custom Hours
    Standard opening hours of one or group of your places havechanged?
    With Custom Hours add-on you can quickly add information aboutnon-standard opening hours for one or all of your places, so yourcustomers will be able to check current opening hour online.

  • Product Availability
    You have places that differs from each other with their offer?Activate Product Availability add-on and add the information if theproduct is available in particular place, so you customers canquickly find places with the products they are interested with.

  • Service Availability
    In addition to the saes offer, your places also have service offer,such as repairs, delivery option and more? With the ServiceAvailability add-on you can easily and quickly inform you customerabout the availability of services in particular locations.

  • Additional Information
    Additional options like wi-fi, parking, card payments and more areavailable in your places?
    Let your customers learn about it with the Additional Informationadd-on.

  • Place Cover Photo
    Show your place and it's neighbourhood to your customers so theycan easily reach it.
    With Place Cover Photo add-on you can quickly add a photo to yourplace page, which be displayed after opening details of theplace.

  • Place Logo
    Logo of your place is its hallmark. Add it to your place page soyour customers can easily recognize your place everywhere. WithPlace Logo add-on you can easily add logo of your place to itspage, and your customers can see it after opening details of theplace in the locator

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