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Andreani shipment plugin for VirtueMart

This plugin integrates Andreani shipment method with VirtueMart3. This plugin, automatically integrates to your VirtueMart storein a way that the store administrator simply installs the pluginand after several simple configuration steps, gets a full fledgedshipment method. With Andreani in your store, you can provide lotsof shipment methods to deliver your products.

This plugin works with stores based in Argentina.
Install Instructions:

Make shure you have latest VirtueMart version. Check it out hereInstall the plugin using Joomla! extensions installerEnable plugin on Joomla! plugin managerCreate and configure a new VirtueMart payment method (Components->VirtueMart->Payment Methods->New)Write down the new payment method nameSelect "Yes" on "Published"Select "VMShipment - Andreani Shipment Plugin For VirtueMart 3" in "Shipment Method" fieldClick "Save" to enable "Configuration" tabClick "Configuration" tabSet the options as you like

Andreani Account

This implementation, requires you to have an account. Pleasecontact Andreani to get more information. Click here to contactAndreani.

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