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Allow your users to log in with their social media profile(Facebook, Twitter etc)

Creating an account at a Joomla site is a rather strenuousprocess. You have to fill in a form, wait for an email to come,click on a link which doesn't work on mobile devices, figure outhow to copy it to your browser and only then can you log in.Logging in is also problematic: you need to remember the usernameand password you had used to register the account. If not, you haveto go not one but two convoluted processes to be reminded of yourusername and reset your password. Either of these processes isrequired every time you want a visitor to interact with your sitein a more permanent manner, be it leaving a comment to an articleor purchasing something from you. How many engagements and saleshave you lost to that outdated process? How many people have givenup on your site because they can't handle Yet Another Login?

If only there was a better way... Well, now that you said it,there is. Most people use a social network such as Facebook,Twitter, LInkedIn, GitHub etc. All of these networks allow theirmembers to use their profiles to log in on third party sites. Thiswhat SocialLogin brings to your site: allow your visitors to log inand (optionally) register a user account on your site by usingtheir social media accounts.

SocialLogin supports logging in with the following services:
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Google
* GitHub

More services will be added in due time.

The best thing about this software? It's free, it's tiny, it'sfast and it's written by web site security professionals!

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