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The Sticky Navigator Module adds an amazing andextremly customisable vertical Sticky menu to yourwebsite. Ideal to scroll and navigate on onepagesites using the Joomla system menu assource or you can use a custom css selector as asource and Sticky Navigator creates the items accordingly. Usepredefined css themes and extremly customise text-and background styles, symbols ( Font Awesome, Google Icons,..) andmany effects. Include Responsive functionality. Include a Button toHide or Show the Menu.

Main Features:

  • Extremly customizable.
  • No programming skills required.
  • Predefined themes.
  • Over 20 predifined scroll effects.
  • Do not limit yourself to pixels, use the units you prefer! :px, em, ex, %, in, cm, mm, pt and pc initial, medium, xx-small,x-small, small, large, x-large, xx-large, smaller, larger (withlife validator).
  • Creates items from the system menu ( ideal for onepage sites).
  • Creates items using predefined selectors like h2, h3, h4,sections.
  • Creates items from a custom css selector. ( ideal toautomatically create an index of a long content page or blogs).
  • For example for K2 content: '.k2-item h3' tomatch all ‚h3' inside the k2Container.
  • More than 1000 symbols! Unicode / Font Awesome / Google Iconsor your own images.
  • Optimize text legibility.
  • Customize width, margins, padding, colors, opacity, borderstyle, border radius, shadows, text and font styles and muchmore.
  • Individually for normal or active/hover state.
  • Responsive functionality.
  • Add customs css in backend without modifying any file.
  • Individual customization for normal and hover states.
  • Use comfortable common controls to modify:Positions, margins,padding, color and opacity (using color picker for rgb, rgba andhex format), symbols (Unicode / Font Awesome / Google / jpg, png ),font and text styles, Optimize legibility.

And much more!!

  • Take a look to our tutorial and demos to discover muchmore!

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