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**JobGrok **adds the ability to post jobs and acceptapplications on your Joomla! website. Configurable to manydifferent degrees. Use it to provide a standard job applicationform, or just to list open positions. It can also be used as a fullfledged job board with a job seeker and/or employer controlpanel.

Application Form

Set up different application forms for different job postings.Change field names, show/hide fields and the ability to add customlists.

Job Listings

Responsive job listings. Hide/Show different attributes in theAll Postings View. Link jobs to an application form, email or acustom URL.

Job Posting

Responsive job posting. Hide/Show different attributes in theSingle Posting View. Link jobs to an application form, email or acustom URL.

Job Descriptions

Display your organization's jobs. Sort them in an easy to viewformat. Provide a print friendly view for site visitors.


Joomla 3! Bootstrap V2.3.2 responsive layouts job postings andforms. Does not work with Joomla 4! and Bootstrap 3 (yet).


Allow employers to set up and post their own jobs - receivenotifications of applications if desired, and more...

Job Attributes

Employers have the ability to display job attributes within jobdescriptions. Provide employer the ability to create their own.

Job Seekers

Provide a control panel for job seekers allowing them tomaintain their profile, cover letters and file uploads.


JobGrok has lots of administrative options. Lots of them. Imean, a whole bunch of configuration options.

Some Features...

  • Community Forums
  • Download Access (12 Months)
  • Continues Working after Subscription Expires
  • No Domain Restrictions (use on multiple domains)
  • Full Access to Source Code
  • Responsive Application Form
  • Email Notification (text/html)
  • Show/Hide General Fields and Field Groupings
  • Modify Field Names via Menu Parameters
  • Create Custom Lists for Application Forms
  • Collect Equal Opportunity Employment Data
  • Control Panel for Job Seekers to Maintain Profiles, CoverLetters and Files
  • Automatic Search for Available Jobs
  • Responsive Job Openings View
  • Filter By Job Attributes
  • Sort Job Openings
  • Show/Hide Fields in Listing and Single Job Views
  • RSS Feed of Postings
  • Apply Now via Employment Application
  • Control Panel for Employers to Maintain Job Postings andApplicant Data

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