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Joomla Web Push Notification component Web PushAuto developed to collect subscribers from front-end,sending push notifications from Joomla Back-end.

You can send push notifications easily, with auser friendly interface.

You can schedule your push notifications andautomatically send in a future date with this greatcomponent!

⭐ Convert Visitors to Subscribers!

There is a plugin to show a prompt message at your site'sfront-end. This plugin will help you collection subscribers

⭐ Send Web Push Notifications via Component Back-end

After completing the initial setup, you will be able to send webpush notifications to your subscribers with Web Push Autocomponent

⭐ Scheduled Messages

You can create unlimited messages and schedule the messages to afuture date. Your message will be sent automatically when the dateis arrived.

⭐ View Past Messages

You can view a list of all messages sent and the scheduled.

⭐ Message Performance

View performance of a message, number of successful, failed,remaining and clicked messages.

⭐ Multiple Apps

You can manage multiple apps from one single component.

⭐ Subscriber Stats

You can view the total number of all subscribers and totalnumber of message-able subscribers

⭐ Subscribers Export

You can download / export subscribers via component back-end asa .csv file

⭐ What will you get?

You will get a Component and Plugins Settogether with an Installation & Set UpGuide.

In the same time component has a support section, you can findthe answers at that section.

Push Notification Services are powered byOneSignal. OneSignal is a trusted pushnotifications platform.
OneSignal's Services are 100% Free. Web Push NotificationsAuto is developed by Extension Base. Web PushNotifications Auto gives you ability to use OneSignal Web PushServices on your Joomla site without any core hack!

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