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Does your wholesale site needs price discounts on multiplepacks? For example, you have a product with 5 units in a box, thenyou want to offer 10% discount for orders buying more than 5 ofthis product, offer 15% for orders buying more than 10 of thisproduct, with this plugin, the above scenario is totally possible,and eve the discount amount is configurable, namely the 10%,15%.
The plugin reads the units in box attribute of each product, andtest against the current QTY in the cart, if the current QTY ishigher than units in box, then the preconfigured discounts will beapplied.
All the conditions of the original virtuemart tax systems are stillvalid for this plugin, so it can filter by categories, countries,states, shopper groups etc
This plugin is much more easier than creating product price rangesfor each product.
How to install
1.Install the zip file like any other joomla plugin
2. Extensions->Plugins->search for 'wholesaletax'->Enablethe plugin
3.Components->Virtuemart->Products->Taxes &Calculation Rules->New->Select params specially for thisplugin only, which is a little different from +,-,+%,-% operators.(There is Howto at the bottom)

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