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Get the best organic SEO value out of your Joomla site bysetting a SEO Keyword. PWT SEO is fully integrated with Joomla andwill support your content editors to write articles to make Googlesmile. Set an SEO keyword and PWT SEO will give real-timesuggestions to improve your SEO score.

Real time SEO score checks

PWT SEO is checking the SEO score of your article while you aretyping. Providing clear hints to your content editors about how toimprove the organic SEO score for your articles. Not only for thearticle, but also for the entire page the article is publishedon.

Google Search results preview

A real-time preview of how your page will be displayed in theGoogle search results.

Easy override of search results & Open Graph data

If you want the title of your article different in the searchresults of Google you can easily override the article title. TheOpen Graph data that is used by Facebook, Twitter and Google can beset platform specifically.

One-page overview of keywords & score

The backend component of PWT SEO provides an overview of allcontent with the SEO keyword configured and the actual score of thepage. Easily find pages that could be improved.

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