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The most user-friendly way of working with images in yourJoomla! site. Easy image cropping & resizing for yourend-users. PWT Images replaces the default Joomla core imageselector. It will provide a end-user friendly solution that anycontent editor can use. Thanks to PWT Image your end-user no longerwill upload huge images and distort the layout of the website.

Image cropping & resizing

PWT Image allows the editor to crop an image from within thearticle. No need to go to a media manager first. By using thepreset aspect ratios images can be added in the same sizes andratio for all articles. Images will be resized to the dimensionsconfigured.

Upload or select image

The user can choose to select an image from their computer oruse the existing images on the server, if allowed to access theimage folders.

Stay organised

With PWT Image you can configure the default folder an imageshould be uploaded to, that could also contain a year and month asvariables. This helps you to keep your images folder beingorganised.

Nicely integrated into in Joomla

PWT Image feels like a native Joomla solution. It will replacethe current image selectors with PWT Image, for a quick &user-friendly expierence of working with images.

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