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The perfect sitemap for your Joomla site, fully integrated withJoomla menu-items for easy configuring your sitemap. PWT Sitemapseamlessly integrates with Joomla. It works out of the box on anexisting website without configuration. Your menu-items are yoursitemap.

Manage from your menu-items

When adding or editing a menu-item you can directly configure ifthe page should be displayed in the HTML Sitemap and XML Sitemap.For menu items that display a category you can choose to includeall articles of the category as well.

Manage from the backend component

You can quickly manage the display settings of all pages in yoursitemap via the backend component. Via the simple toggle switchesyou can setup the pages of your sitemap within seconds.

Valid XML, Multilingual and image sitemaps

The output of the sitemaps are following the requirements forvalid XML sitemaps that search engines like Google and Binglike.

Easily extendible for 3rd-party extensions

With the provided developer documentation any 3rd party Joomlaextension can easily be supported via a simple plugin. Let us knowyour favorite extension that you need in the sitemap and we willprovide a plugin for that.

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