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Shows Review Stars via in Joomla.
Language Support: DE / EN

== Description ==

= Requires: =
* PHP 5.6 or higher
* Joomla 3.0.x or higher
* CuRL PHP extension

= Service Description = is a service for company reviews. A key feature("PLUS" plan required) is showing the company review stars on yourwebsite. These will be retrieved from different review-providerslike Google, Facebook etc.

= Plugin Description =

So this module is build show review stars retrieved on your site - additionally this enables reviewstars of your website's entries in Google's search engine resultpages.

= Team =

  • Developed and maintenanced by straightvisions

== Installation ==

This module is build to work out-of-the-box. Installation isquite simple:

  1. Upload and install the package via Joomla installer.
  2. Register a free account on - you can try outthis feature 30 days for free.
  3. Go to modules in the Joomla backend. Activate the module orcreate a new one.
  4. Insert Api Keys in module settings.
  5. You are using a caching plugin? Don't forget to flush cachesnow.

== Frequently asked questions ==

= Is this module for free? =

This module is for free and licensed to GPL.
It's open source following the GPL policy.

= How can I revert all changes or reset the module? =
Delete the module and add a new one or use the Joomla extensionmanagement to uninstall the module completely

= Does this module calls to another server? =
Yes. As is a service in the cloud, it isabsolutely required to call the API server to getthe required data. The module will refresh it's cached data once aday.

= Can I change style of review stars on website? =
You can change the style via CSS, e.g. in your template.css.

== Screenshots ==

  1. Result: Review Stars in Google SERP entries
  2. Result: Review Stars on your Website
  3. Settings in Joomla
  4. Result: Review Stars in machine readable format for Google

== Changelog ==

= 1.0 =
Initial Release

== Upgrade Notice ==
= 1.0 =
Initial Release

== Missing a feature? ==
Please use the module support forum here
We will add your wish - if achievable - on our todo list. Pleasenote that we can not give any time estimate for that list or anyfeature request.

= Paid Services =
Nevertheless, feel free to hire us if you have any of the followingneeds:

  • get a customization
  • get a feature rapidly / on time
  • get a custom WordPress plugin developed to exactly fit yourneeds.

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