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Restaurant Management System (RMS) provides a simple yetpowerful solution for those who is looking for a solid and ready touse solution for both independent restaurant and hotel restaurant.As a Joomla extension, you can manage your restaurant directly fromyour website anywhere and on any devices without having to installany software into your computer like others traditional restaurantsoftware.


Menu management: Manage menu items via menugroups and menus. Support modifier menu item, each menu item canhave different tax rate.

Table management: Tables can be added andassigned to separated areas. Table can have different min and maxseats allocation which can be used for online table booking.

Online table booking management: Add onlinetable booking to your website, allow your guests to book inadvance. Owners receive booking notification via email and manageall reservations from website control panel. Booking form fieldscan be customized easily.

Digital restaurant menu: Say goodbye to yourold paper menu with digital restaurant menu, don’t need to worryabout replacing your paper menu when adding/removing your menuitems. With digital restaurant menu feature and tablet/mobiledevices, your guests can browse through your entire menueasily.

Tablet and smartphone POS integration: There isno need to invest an expensive POS system, let turn your existingtablets, smartphone or computer into your POS devices, connect itto a receipt printer and you are ready to take orders.

Multi-language and multi-currency support:Tables can be added and assigned to separated areas. Table can havedifferent min and max seats allocation which can be used for onlinetable booking.

Customer dashboard: Registered guests canmanage their online table booking and orders in your restaurant viatheir Customer Dashboard.

Reports and statistics: Display overall salesstatistics and reports. Showing latest activity of your staffs inyour restaurant. Know what menu items your guests love the most aswell as observe the current online table booking from thedashboard.

Solidres integration: Integrate with Solidresvia Customer Dashboard, guest has a single place to manage all oftheir activities in your businesses including: accommodationreservations, accommodation feedbacks, tours and activitiesreservations and restaurant orders/reservations.

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