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JMG Team is a versatile Joomla plugin for creating and managing your Team page. Create individual member profiles with name, description, contact info and photo. Get your team page created.

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Zapier Convert Forms plugin allows you to easily integrate your Joomla! forms with Zapier and connect with 1000+ apps to automate your work.

What you can do with this Zapier plugin

★ Send Leads to Google Sheets Spreadsheet
★ Get notified on your smartphone of New Leads via SMS or Push Notifications
★ Auto-post to Facebook, Twitter or Google+
★ Create events on Google Calendar
★ Sync Contacts with your favorite CRM like SalesForce, Zoho or HubSpot
★ Send Leads to Email Marketing apps such as MailChimp, AWeber & GetResponse
★ Create contacts in Gmail, Office 365 &
★ Create Tasks on Productivity tools such as Trello, Basecamp & Slack

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AA Github Profile Widget is a nice joomla module to show github profile in joomla

Extension info

The only required option is the user name of the Github user you want the widget to represent. You don't have to worry about capitalisation, as the plugin normalises the username.

Note: if you do not specify a username when running the plugin, it will list me instead, as I a set as the default.

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The EventList Package is all about weekly recurring events like choir rehearsals, group meetings, etc. It includes two extensions:

  1. A Plugin that adds a number of fields like contact person, phone number, email address, weekday, starting time, etc. to an article describing a weekly recurring event. This information will be displayed below the article content in an InfoBox. The Plugin can be used stand-alone.

  2. A Module that lists all weekly recurring events, sorted by weekday and starting time. This Module requires the Plugin to be installed.

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JUX Timetable is a super flexible Joomla module that allows you to create beautiful schedules with custom data just in a few minutes. All classes and events will be shown daily, weekly, or monthly timetable and filtered by category as well.
The Joomla module is perfectly designed for the site regarding fitness, yoga, dance classes, medical departments, and any kind of event calendars and so on.

1. Up-to-date Flat Styling

JUX timetable offers a modern and flat interface that create a modern look by flexible customizations in colors, Header of the schedule, time slot, background, etc.

2. [Exclusive] Image Background of Schedule

Exclusively, the JUX timetable allows you using the image as the background of schedule instead of the different colors only. So, the schedule will be more special and reasonable with the content that the schedule wants to show.

3. Multiple View Options

Viewing your timetable now is so flexible and attractive with JUX timetable. Particularly, you can get view options of the timetable in daily, monthly, and weekly.

4. Event Filters

JUX timetable is created with lots of classes, so the filter plays an important role to find what users need among numerous classes and events. Users get various options in filtering, like Category, Instructor, Location, Day or Time of the Day.

5. Event Pop-up

A schedule should display only the important info, but you might have a lot of other useful details for your visitors. Therefore, each class accepts individual text and images that can be displayed in a pop-up window. Moreover, we include in this Joomla module 16 pop-up styles for your own use.

Final Thoughts

Joomla timetable extensions is a rich field to take a deep dive into with a large number of users. Joomla developer must follow the trend and create modern and flexible Joomla timetable which easily integrate into the Joomla site. JUX Timetable is an advanced Joomla timetable that is worth with the time you spend on.

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