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logo is one of the most popular payment processors inGeorgia, UniPAY Checkout extension provides the most integratedcheckout experience possible with WooCommerce to accept ewallet andcredit card processing. ( Visa, Mastercard and AMEX )

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With Read More-PRO you'll be able to create anaccordion Read More effect for your Joomla! articles. The nativeJoomla! Read More option is nice and does it's task quite well.However, it is a little clumsy on how it works based on how youconfigured and created your Joomla! website. ReadMore-PRO keeps all your article text on the same pageshowing 'some' of your article text and hides the rest based on howyou configured the extension's setting. Giving you an attractive,functional Read More action button that will uncover all your textwhen clicked.

Check out the demo page and see ReadMore-PRO inaction. If you like what you see, download the Module, Plugin (orboth) and the Editor Button plugin and get started building yourJoomla! articles the ReadMore-PRO way!ReadMore-PRO is 100% FREE to download with norequired site registration, fees or subscription to purchase. Justdownload, install, configure and activate and you'll be on yourway. Oh... support for ReadMore-PRO is also 100%FREE!

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JD Skill Set - Best Joomla Number Counter Module

Attract more clients by showing them animated numbers about yourawards, projects, years of excellence etc.

JD Skill Set is a most advanced Free Joomla Module to showcaseyour skill set with animated numbers, comes with a friendly userinterface, better user experience, extensive functionality and fullcustomization options. Here are the key features which make thisnumber counter Joomla module out of the box.

Promote your key business numbers.

You can showcase:
- Your achievements like x awards won, x projects completed, xyears of excellence etc.
- Your Team strength like x number of PHP developers, x Joomladevelopers etc.
- Your business numbers like x branches, and x employees etc.
- Your fun facts like x number of coffee cups, x line of code, xfun games etc.
- All these kind of numbers engage a visitor on your website andincrease their trust in your brand.

Easy configuration, no coding skills needed at all

Yes, it is true, that you don't need to have any coding skill toconfigure or customize the JD Skill Set Joomla module.

It's really simple and easy to use. You have all the visualoptions to change the colour, size or position of your icons,symbols and numbers. You just need to select the appropriateoptions from the backend and you are done.

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Content Cart - This extension allows you to organize a simpleonline store based on Joomla articles.

The set of extensions allows you to add items to the Joomlaarticles and create a simple online store. The extension allows youto add the 'Add to cart' button to the Joomla article(com_content), which adds the product to the basket from which theorder is already made.

The package includes:

  • Module Shopping Cart
  • Plugin processing

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What is LiveChat

LiveChat is a VirtueMart-specific chat application for customersupport and online sales; designed to help businesses improve salesand build better relationships.

The way it works is simple: live chat sits at the bottom of yoursite, your visitors can send a message, or you can use it to sendmessages to those visitors automatically. For you, it means moresatisfied customers, more resolved problems, and more soldproducts.

Live Chat for VirtueMart

With live chat for VirtueMart by LiveChat, you can talk tocustomers while they are on your website, see live interactionswith your pages and move your customers through the purchasingprocess.

It is a customizable support app with a modern design that canfit into any website. Plus, this VirtueMart live chat makescustomer service more efficient by letting you hold multiple livechat sessions at the same time, send canned responses to frequentlyasked questions, add chat tags, see transcripts of pastconversations and send files to customers through the live chatwindow.

When you go offline, your live chat widget is replaced with aticket form. It means that visitors can still leave you questionsas tickets.

From email marketing to social, LiveChat integrates seamlesslywith a range of popular third-party apps and services, such asFacebook, HubSpot CRM or MailChimp.

Installation and requirements

The extension is free, but you need a license of LiveChat towork with it. LiveChat comes with a 30-day trial, allowing you toenjoy the service with no obligation to buy.

Use LiveChat for both your support and sales, and never miss apotential lead.

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