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Solve the "mixed content" errors on ssl (https) sites, automatically rename all https:// links to https://

Just install and follow the steps below to activate it and ensure your site has only secure links SSL / https connections.

  • open the plugin configuration
  • enable the plugin, and save
  • ensure Joomla configuration is correct

et voilà. All your https:// links are changed into https://

The plugin has a detailed configuration that allows you to exclude certain pages, or override Joomla configuration (useful if you're behind a proxy)

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This extension allows you easy and fast insert into your article links to another articles with thumbnail image.
If you want to add to your article link to to the any of your articles? you can just select it from the list of articles and block with the Intro image, Intro text and the header will be created.

Easy way to create cool links inside your article.

- easy to use
- lightweight
- no additional scripts on the frontend
- fully adjustable design
- seo frendly

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JUX Cryptocurrency Ticker is a complete solution for nicely displaying real-time prices, changes, market cap, volume, coin charts, and updates of more than 1500 cryptocurrencies in multi-styles on your Joomla site. The fascinating module quickly grabs data from major cryptocurrencies exchanges using APIs to show current market prices.

Furthermore, users are able to manage font, background colors or position (header, footer, and static) as you wish in a convenient way. The module shows you the name of the cryptocurrency, its logo, current price, changes, and market cap only or sometimes adding 7-day price charts following your aim.

The Joomla ticker deserves customers a simple way to set up an eye-catching cryptocurrency ticker on their Joomla site with these below core features.

1. Get coins data from CoinCap Rankings

The modules directly use CoinCap rankings APIs to immediately show the real-time prices, changes, market cap, volume, coin charts, and updates of more than 1500 types of cryptocurrency from The Joomla ticker will provide the price, market cap, volume, and change following real-time, hourly to 7 days exactly.

2. 3 Different Ticker Styles

JUX Cryptocurrency Ticker comes with three primary styles which are different in colors, texts, especially the information which each type will show up. You can choose a simple type with its name, logo, current price, changes, and market cap only or sometimes adding 7-day price charts following your aim.

3. Show/ Hide Tooltip & Tooltip Animation option

Users easily get essential information on every type of cryptocurrency in a beautiful tooltip that offered by this Joomla module. Furthermore, you can get lots of options in Tooltip animation such as Fade, Swing, Slide and so on.

4. Get Different Positions Top, Bottom, & Static

You will get more options in displaying your awesome ticker with JUX Cryptocurrency Ticker with three popular positions - Top, Bottom, and Static. So, you can select the suitable ticker position for your Joomla site.

5. Select 7-day price chart style

The awesome module also gives users a great selection with the expectation in showing more data with 7-day price chart style. With this style, you can get an overview in the previous week to make a better plan for the next 7 days.

6. Easily change background and color text

JUX Cryptocurrency Ticker offers various types of background colors and texts. Hence, you can freely choose any texts and colors you love for your ticker; however, you should choose background colors and texts which is a good combination to give a good-looking appearance of your ticker.

7. Tons of Top Cryptocurrencies

The module allows users easily and quickly choose any type of top cryptocurrencies to show up on their ticker.

Here are all core features what put the Joomla module above others.
• Get data coin from CoinCap Rankings

• Update price auto from

• Select coin display or show top coin

• Select 3 different ticker styles

• Show or hide tooltip and many animation tooltips

• Change all color background and color text

• Use many position top, bottom and static

• Custom speed ticker

• Can select direction left or right

• Can Custom CSS

• 100% Responsive or Fix width, height

• Compatible with Tablet, Smart-phone

• Run on modern browsers (including IE10+)

• Support multiple languages

All in all, JUX Cryptocurrency Ticker is a power Joomla module in Cryptocurrency field if you are gonna build up a cryptocurrency site basing on the Joomla platform. The amazing module covers you almost of stunning features of a professional ticker as the multi-styles ticker, tooltip options, and 7-day price charts. Furthermore, users can custom whatever they want because we create the module with the aim of giving users as many options as a ticker can own in the simplest way to build up.

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Add hidden field captcha to your forms.

This captcha is based on very simple idea, bots tries to fill all the fields in the form, or at least those "interesting" for them.

This captcha plugin adds field to the form, but hides it from humans. If there is any submitted value in the field, submission is rejected.

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