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Digital projects manager for Joomla! CMS™


Digital Projects Catalog

Component provides the creation and operation of digital projects catalog (programs, files, scripts, extensions, modules, etc.) and allows you to manage their description, characteristics and provides the ability of downloads.


Component provides versioning of digital projects with the ability to specify the stability (Development, Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate, Stable) and changelog management.

Statistical functionality

Component includes statistical functionality with ability to track the count of downloads for each specific version.

File storage

File storage structure allows you to store files outside the root directory, which provides a high degree of protection and excludes downloading by direct link to the file, bypassing the component.

For Joomla! developers

Developers who create extensions for Joomla! CMS are provided with additional functionality for creating and running their own update server, as part of the component.


  • Convenient multilingual.
  • Duplicate pages protection
  • OpenGraph and Twitter meta.
  • Caching Joomla! Extensions Server Update Manifest.

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An Intrusion Detection System(IDS) is a software that monitors a host and notifies you of suspicious activity, in this case your Joomla website. Such suspicious activity can be a sign that attackers are trying to find a security hole to exploit on your Joomla website, or have already hacked into it.

IDS detects Cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, header injection, Directory traversal, Remote File Execution, Local File Inclusion, Denial of Service (DoS). It provides impact of every attack by analyzing any chosen input variables as POST, GET, SESSION, COOKIE.

The main goal is to monitor any input from client that reach your website, detect malicious activity and notify administrator about it. Any malicious activity or violation is reported either to an administrator or collected to database.

- Easy to install and upgrade
- Easy configuration
- Monitoring & reporting
- .htaccess protection


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Horizontal Articles Thumbnail Slider Module show articles of Joomla in a thumbnail format. You can configure the module with the following options:
- Select Articles from a specific Category or a set of Categories.
- If Category is not selected then put Selected Articles ID
-Select Featured Articles.
- Select number of articles to shown.
- Select Total number of articles to slides.
- Show or hide articles designated as Featured.
- Show or hide articles Thumbnail images.
-Set Article Thumbnail Width & Height.
- Ordering articles by Pubish date, Title or Hits.

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This module is an alternative to the Joomla core Custom Module extension. It functions similarly but includes enhanced features to allow advanced display using custom CSS and javascript coding while publishing the module.

There is also an included random image display function that enables single random image or multiple shuffled images. It doubles as a random quote function if only text is entered.

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Provide professional look to your blog posts adding a simple parallax effect to the post cover on entry's and lists views. Also has the ability to embed the post title div inside the cover parallax div.

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