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Meet the four slider type extensions that you can download at one time.

No Boss Banners:

Provide attractive banners with images, colors and texts on your site without the need for advanced design knowledge. Choose from carousel options with slider, parallax image or full page image.

  • Register different background images for desktop and mobile

  • Personalize each individual banner item individually

  • Use overlapping images to add logos and icons next to the banner

  • Choose from 9 different types of layouts to get you started quickly

No Boss Highlights:

Provide on your site highlights to link to relevant web pages, list competencies related to service delivery, flag features of a product, or to emphasize other sets of information.

  • Add texts, images and icons in different ways

  • Personalize each item individually

  • Add link to each highlight in button shape or in every element

  • Choose from among 10 different layouts ready to start

No Boss Image Gallery:

Make available on your site a gallery of images choosing between ready-made layout models in grid, mosaic or classic galleries.

  • Store images directly on the site or integrate with a Flickr account

  • Upload images with automatic resizing

  • Use multiple available features to set full-screen mode, auto play, among others

  • Choose from 7 different types of ready layouts that include models with thumb, grid and mosaic

No Boss Testimonials:

Use a complete testimonial solution with the possibility of users sending their data directly through the site in text, photo and video format.

  • Set character limit, autoplay, dots navigation, arrows and touch screen, among others

  • Enable moderation of testimonials and be warned by e-mail when a new site submission occurs

  • Make available and configure a form on the site for the user to submit their testimony

  • Choose from 6 different types of ready layouts that include classic templates, text balloons and cards



  • Experience: We have a presence of more than 13 years in the development of Joomla solutions with a great history of projects.

  • Interactive development: Our solutions are validated in service delivery projects where customers help by contributing feedback.

  • Commitment to the community: We care about participating in events and other moments of contribution with the community.

  • Attentive and qualified support: We are always available to assist in technical matters.


  • Quick start: You start the configuration of each product by choosing from ready layouts models.

  • Expandable solutions: You can customize the chosen layout using several advanced parameters.

  • Responsiveness: Our products adapt in diverse resolutions, prioritizing the consistency of the design and the interactivity of the user.

  • Constant updates: We provide constant updates and leave a plugin available for each update to occur automatically.

  • User experience: We perform constant usability assessments with end users.

  • Your site on Google: We use best SEO practices to make your site appear in Google results.

We develop our solutions using Joomla

Our team uses the best of CMS and Joomla Framework to build complete solutions. All our experience is shared with the community in events such as Joomla Day Brazil and the International Fair of Free Software - FISL. We also market more than 27 own products for developers through the platform No Boss Extensions.

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Cookie Consent Module
Include Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
Very easy to use
After install go to Modules
search for husci cookies or create new
enable it, hide title, give any active position
assign it to all menu
then go setting and put your custom setting
Remember to fill the Cookie Name example:
if you want google analytics active it and put the site code example: UA-xxxxxxx-1
same for Facebook pixel

If you already have your script for GA or FB
disable it or in alternative don't enable in husci cookies and do next steps:

script type="text/plain" data-starcookie="statistics"
script type="text/plain" data-starcookie="marketing"

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Create an amazing responsive mobile menu that looks like a mobile application and give your users a great mobile experience. It is compatible with many menus and can be styled directly whithin the interface.

Device detection

Select if you want to show the mobile menu depending on a resolution value, or if you want to activate the device detection to show it only on tablet or phone.

Multi compatibility

Use your mobile menu with many menu modules : native menu (mod_menu), Maximenu CK, Accordeon Menu CK, or use a custom PHP or JS function to target any menu in your page.

Styling interface

Use a dedicated interface to style your menu. Give the colors, margins, borders and what you want and see the result directly in the instant preview. You can also use the themes presets to have a one click designed applied to your mobile menu.

Options integration

Don't waste your time to switch between multiple screens, the mobile menu options will be integrated directly in the menu modules options. In the same page you can activate the mobile menu, select every option, and style it in the interface.

Multiple presets

Speed up your work with more than 10 presets that you can choose and apply in one click. Then use the styling options to change any value for what you want.

No limit

Create as many styles as you want, create as many menus as you want. You can also apply the same style to multiple menus just by selecting your style in the list. For each menu you can choose to have different options, like you want.

Export / Import

Save your work and reuse it on your other websites. Directly from the styling interface you can click on the export button and you will get a file that contains the data. You can then import it in the interface of another website.


Every language string that is used in the Mobile Menu CK can be translated in any language. You can also create one module per language in your website and activate a mobile menu for each of them to have a full multilanguage website.

Mobile Menu CK is the perfect solution for all your mobile menus.

Use existing menus, or create any custom menu.
It is touch ready and user friendly.
Give it the look you want for your website using its amazing styling interface. Don't waste your time to go in multiple screens, just enable your mobile menu with 1 click.

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This plugin will install a Facebook Pixel on your Joomla page. The Official Facebook Pixel allows you to fire PageView events when people visit your website and fire Lead events when people submit the contact form. Tracking lower funnel (Lead) events can help you understand the actions people are taking on your website. You can then use this information to make adjustments accordingly in your advertising campaigns.

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Our Joomla module of dashboard builder provides you with the ability to connect any MySQL database such as Virtuemart, K2, JoomShopping, HikaShop, EShopand or any other database even outside of Joomla and create fully responsive, D3.js based dynamic line charts for you

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