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This module allows you to add a facebook videos on your website,Embedded videos are a simple way to put public posts - by a Page ora person on Facebook - into the content of your web site or webpage. Only public posts from Facebook Pages and profiles can beembedded.


  • Ability to add multiple Videos
  • Support Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3
  • Include full post
  • Video Auto Play
  • Show or Hide Captions
  • Display Videos in columns
  • Choose API language
  • Support Joomla! update system
  • Fully documented module
  • No Powered By footer link

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Itinerary Map Field plugin is one of these new Joomla plugintypes introduced in Joomla 3.7. Fields plugin are supported by coreJoomla articles, Joomla users and Joomla contacts items.

Main Features:
+ Advanced Google Maps for Joomla Articles, Joomla Users and JoomlaContacts and other extensions supporting core Joomla customfields
+ Pathways with unlimited nodes per field
+ Unlimited POI Points Of Interest per field
+ Elevation chart with interaction on map
+ Custom styling (json based) for maps
+ Set locations clicking on a map and/or dragging markers
+ Quick 'Get Current Location' button
+ Address search field
+ Support for fullscreen map and printable map
+ Responsive

IDEAL plugin to build a Geo directory with specific pathways withJoomla 3.7+

Joomla 3.7+

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Quick Index - add a table of contents quickly in Joomla!

With Quick Index you can easily add an index (ToC, Table ofContents) to your content.
The index will be generated based on the headings in yourcontent.

Simply place {index} where you want the index to show.

How to use it:

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MasterForms form builder is a simple, fast form creating tooland, it's extremely flexible.
The design is based on a build and reuse principle. Our formbuilding process follows a logical concept of creating the smallestparts first, then integrating them into your form project.

MasterForms allows you to use a full suite of HTML5 elementswhen building a form. Fields can be reused from one form to thenext.

Ample inline help and tool-tips make it easy to understand theprocess of building a form,and the component deploys with sampleforms that help you to understand how a form is assembled.

Every element you create in MasterForms can be quickly edited orre-tasked.
You can create a form which 'clones' any other Joomla! componentform and forms can also POST data to other components or externalURL's.

Special field types including hidden-fields, information blocks,integrating data from from native Joomla! objects, all make it easyto build a form that does just about anything.

This component is suitable for beginners and professionals.

MasterForms is available for older versions of Joomla! and thelatest builds may be acquired directly from our downloads page.

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Advent calendar for Joomla! 3.7 with selectable background andfreely configurable windows.

Plugins for statistics, search and smart search areavailable.

The advent calendar can be displayed in a module at any positionon the website.

The component supports versions, language associations, andcustom fields.

The content of a advent item will be opened in the content areaor in a pop up.

Test mode to test individual days in advance.

The Advent Calendar can also be used as an image map.

Several advent calendars can be active at the same time. So youcan display content from a previous year as a kind of archive.

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