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Easy Articles Carousel let you build and display Joomla!articles in an elegant and customizable grid or carousellayout.

Main Features

  • Select articles from multiple Joomla categories
  • Support 2 layouts mode (Grid and Carousel)
  • Grid Mode support Bootstrap 2, Bootstrap 3 and UIKit
  • Ability to force frontend framework files loading from CDN
  • Ability to set items columns in Desktop, Tablet and phone (forcarousel layout)
  • Choose the total number of articles to display
  • Show or hide image block
  • Set default image if no picture found in article
  • Image Extracting mode: auto, from intro image or fullimage
  • Show or hide title
  • Show or hide description
  • Ability to limit the number of characters in title anddescription
  • Show or hide read more button, hits, date and author name
  • Show or hide article marked as featured
  • Change articles order (last added, last modified, last touched,last modified or random)
  • Filter by author (anyone, added or modified by me orinverse)

Carousel Features

  • Change margin in items
  • Infinity loop slides
  • Center Item feature
  • Auto Width
  • Padding left and right on stage
  • Fit merged items if screen smaller than items value
  • Pause on mouse hover
  • Animate In and Out
  • Lazy images and content loading
  • Smart speed calculation
  • Enable or disable autoplay
  • Define autoplay timeout
  • Pause autoplay on mouse hover
  • Show or hide Next/Prev buttons
  • Change Next/Prev buttons text
  • Show or hide dots navigation
  • Support mouse drag, touch drag and pull drag

Thumbnails Features

  • Download external images
  • Creating thumbnails using PHP GD library
  • Image auto-scaling
  • Ability to keep aspect-ration of image
  • Set Thumbnail width and height
  • Set thumbnail background color
  • Ability to stretch thumbnail
  • Define thumbnail quality
  • Support caching for speed improvements
  • Apply Image filters (grayscale, sepia, blur, brightness,smooth, pixelate, contrast)

Item Styling Features

  • Change item background color
  • Change item padding
  • Define title font size
  • Change description color
  • Change title color
  • Change button style by adding class or custom CSS change
  • Ability to select button icon and change button icon style
  • Change navigation color text and background


  • Responsive and Touch Friendly Slides
  • Strong Administrator Settings
  • Excellent CSS3 Transitions
  • Valid HTML SEO friendly
  • Supports all the modern browsers
  • 6 Months free updates

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JL Content Fields Filter - This is a free module that filtersJoomla articles on custom fields.

You create fields in the admin panel of Joomla and want tofilter articles in the category depending on these fields, thenthis extension is for you.

Features JL Content Fields Filter

  • Compatibility Joomla 3.8 and higher.
  • Support for Joomla articles.
  • Support for filtering articles in the category by the followingfields: text, radio, list, checkboxes.
  • The ability to automatically filter when changingsettings.
  • Possibility of obtaining a direct link to the filteredarticles.
  • AJAX filtering - does not require reloading the page.

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The plugin displays a Phoca photo gallery as a grid with alignedlast row. In the params section you can customize a width of thegrid and a number of the images in each row.
Before installing you are to copy Highslide folder to yoursite's root directory.
Now when all is installed insert a shortcode at your article. Forexample {phocagrid categoryid=150}, where 150 is the ID of somePhoca gallery at your site.
It's allowed only one shortcode for one article.

If you like my plugin or you want to remove my copyright fromyour photo grid please consider a donation:

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Web Push Notification for K2 component isdeveloped to collect subscribers from front-end, sendingpush notifications from Joomla Back-end through K2Component .

You can send push notifications easily, with auser friendly interface.

You can schedule your push notifications andautomatically send in a future date with this greatcomponent!

⭐ Convert Visitors to Subscribers!

There is a plugin to show a prompt message at your site'sfront-end. This plugin will help you collection subscribers

⭐ Send Web Push Notifications via Component Back-end

After completing the initial setup, you will be able to send webpush notifications to your subscribers with Web Push Autocomponent

⭐ Scheduled Messages

You can create unlimited messages and schedule the messages to afuture date. Your message will be sent automatically when the dateis arrived.

⭐ Automatically send messages when article is saved

Content Plugin will enable you to send push notifications whenyou save a content article. You can send immediately or you canschedule your push notification

⭐ Editor Button to Send Notifications

If you want, you can disable auto sending plugin and send byusing Send Notification Button..

⭐ View Past Messages

You can view a list of all messages sent and the scheduled.

⭐ Message Performance

View performance of a message, number of successful, failed,remaining and clicked messages.

⭐ Multiple Apps

You can manage multiple apps from one single component.

⭐ Subscriber Stats

You can view the total number of all subscribers and totalnumber of message-able subscribers

⭐ Subscribers Export

You can download / export subscribers via component back-end asa .csv file

⭐ What will you get?

You will get a Component and a set of Pluginstogether with an Installation & Set Up Guide ( PDFFormat ).

Below Extensions are in the Package :

Component - Web Push Auto Manage PushNotifications, Apps, Users, Schedule Push Notifications, Send PushNotifications

Plugin - System - Web Push Subscriber forcollecting subscribers. showing prompt message and welcomenotification

Plugin - K2- Web Push Auto for sending pushnotifications automatically when you save a K2 Item.

**Plugin - Editor-xtd - Button - Web Push Auto for K2 **creates Send Push Notification button in K2 Item Editor. Youcan click button and send push notifications for each individualcontent.

Plugin - Content - Web Push Auto forsending push notifications automatically when you save a JoomlaArticle.

Plugin - Editor-xtd - Button - Web Push Autocreates Send Push Notification button in Article Editor. Youcan click button and send push notifications for each individualcontent.

In the same time Component has a Supportsection which you can find the answers for setup andinstallation.

You can see the screenshots on the demopage.

**IMPORTANT** Push Notification Services are powered by OneSignal. OneSignal is a trusted push notifications platform. TRUSTED BY 309,360 DEVELOPERS INCLUDING.OneSignal Services are 100% Free. That means you will not pay for sending push notifications. Web Push Notifications Auto is developed by Extension Base to send immediate and scheduled push notifications by using OneSignal Services.Web Push Notifications Auto gives you ability to use OneSignal Web Push Services on your Joomla site without any core hack!

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DgnixPvt Review module acts as an interface of acentral point of review and rating system of real consumers with anew way of product reviews to find out what real users are sayingabout your product.

  • Multilingual Supports
  • Online central point review system
  • Auto calculates AggregateRating based on ReviewCount andRating
  • Displays reviewer’s name, location, photo etc.
  • Supports multilingual.
  • Ability for users to submit testimonial using their socialnetworking users
  • Integration with Social Networks. The ability for the user tosubmit review from front-end as a Facebook, Google+ and Linkedinuser by login with their Social Networking accounts.
  • Supports auto-publish and moderate testimonialsubmissions.
  • Supports Re-Captcha for testimonial submission form to preventspam.
  • Email notifications on new testimonials submitted by theusers.

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