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IMPORTANT: Push Notification Services are powered by OneSignal.OneSignal's Services are 100% Free. Browser Push is developed byExtension Base. Browser Push gives you ability to use OneSignal WebPush Services on your Joomla site without any core hack, easilyedit and customize!

First of all, i want to mention this, i am behind this work as adeveloper and i assure you giving a perfect support!

Thanks for choosing my work for your Joomla Projects!
Ata Han - Web Developer

Browser Push installation and configurations is easy andcomfortable!
I explained each parameter, all you need to do is rolling yourmouse over the parameter title.
I also created a tab that shows you how to do everything!
If you need support, just ask me here :
Collect Subscribers, No need to hack your Joomla Site!

Collect Subscribers without hacking the core of your joomlawebsite!
Install the plugin and go to tab, set up information
everything is clearly explained with images
Auto register
Show or hide the notify button
Select size
Customize Notification Button

Select position of notify subscription button
Pre Notify - Show a Unread Message Icon to new visitors
Define Bottom - top - left positions
Customize Notifications

Change all notification text as you desire, as you desiredlanguage!
Change colors
Customize Subscriptions Messages - Slide Down is Enabled

Manage Prompt Settings

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