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I♥YOO Winners

Drum roll for the winners of this year’s 10 year anniversary competition! It has been overwhelming to receive so many exciting pictures from all over the world.

We are really impressed that our IYOO Logo traveled around to Australia, China, Russia, Italy and who knows where else. Some of the entries were so funny that they made us laugh out loud. Not everyone would dive into an icy lake (sorry we had to cut out your dog) or put on self-made YOOtheme swag. So, we had a hard time picking our favorite 10, but in the end we came to a choice. Congratulations to the winners! All ten of you win a membership and a special YOOtheme package. You will receive a notification by email today as well.

Many thanks again to everyone who joined this year’s IYOO contest. It made us very happy to see your love.

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