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Call for volunteers is open to admit one more full member, preferably with another language and experience with handling support tickets. Djamel will be attending JAB for the team this year with a view to being available to any current or potential JUG organisers during the Make it Happen session.

We will start to look at the at outreach programme outlined last year, with an aim to get JUGs communicating with each other more to share topics and generate camaraderie.

Pending Listings - Minsk & Tampa Bay - Jenn Working on these

Luca Marzo and Daniel Dubois have left the team due to other commitments, we thank them for their service and they will both be missed.

Eric Lamy and Bruce Valle are now contributors, meeting attendence is now optional for them and they are currently translating Terms and FAQ’s which have been moved to we will put out a call for translators to try to extend


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