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db8 HREFLang correction (for Joomla 3.x)

This Joomla 3 system plugin corrects the Hreflang tag in yourJoomla site.

The Hreflang tag

To determine the Language + Locales (targetaudiencce) of your website, the Hreflang tag isused
in the HTML source code of your website.

You can have an English language website, but targeted at aspecific area:
* en-GB - English language for the Great Britain area
* en-US - English language for the United States area
* en-CA - English language for the Canadian area
* en-AU - English language for the Australian area

Incorrect hreflang implementation

Some language packs, like Arabic, have no valid Localetag.
If you have a Joomla website with the ar-AA Arabic languagepack
and your using
then you might have had a warning about wrong hreflang tag.

From: Google Search Console Team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Subject: Incorrect hreflang implementation on Webmaster of,Google has detected that some pages on your site have implemented the rel-alternate-hreflang tag incorrectly. In particular, there seems to be a problem with incorrect language and region codes, or incorrect bi-directional linking (if page A links with hreflang to page B, there must be a link back from B to A as well). Google uses the hreflang attributes to serve the correct language or regional URL to the right users in search results.Until you correct the errors on the hreflang links, your website will not benefit from additional language or region targeting.Fix this problem now: Find incorrect hreflang implementations Use the examples provided in the International Targeting feature in Search Console to get a sample of pages with incorrect hreflang implementation.

Fix incorrect hreflang

You can manually change the Hreflang tag in the LanguagePack of your site and in the Extensions> Language >
Content Language of your site. Howevernext language pack update will be a problem.

This plugin replaces the set hreflang tag retrieved from yourcontent language with a hreflang tag of your choosing.
When a page is displayed the plugin looks in the HTML source for alanguage tag, e.g. ar-AA and replaces it with
the language tag of your preference (e.g. ar-EG for Arabic Languagefor Locale Egypt).

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