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Ice Breaker is a Joomla! CMS Testimonials manager extension.Easily manage your testimonials and let your testimonials "breakthe ice" between you and a new client or customer. Ice Breakerallows administrators to easily categorize and manage alltestimonials in the system with a friendly admin interface. IceBreaker has many powerful features including optional front endsubmissions, management, and approval, multi-lingual support usingJoomla's built-in language management tools and associations andmuch more.

Key Features:

  • Supports categories and nested categories
  • Supports Joomla access control levels
  • Supports Joomla tagging
  • Supports Joomla multi-language
  • Supports Joomla versioning
  • Front end submissions and editing (optional)
  • Optional approval and moderation of new testimonials submittedvia front end forms
  • Admin notifications when testimonials are submitted via frontend forms
  • Batch processes for categories and testimonials to easilymanage multiple items at once
  • Ability to set featured testimonials for each category -featured items will show before any other items
  • User friendly modularized admin dashboard
  • Much more ... and it's free!

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